To demonstrate their commitment to the Gulf SQAS Program, 29 CEOs of GPCA Full Member companies have signed the ‘Declaration of Support’. The key aspects of this document are:

  • Adopt the core principles and fundamental features of the Gulf SQAS program
  • Implement procurement processes that require relevant Partnering Logistic Service Providers (LSPs) to comply with the Gulf SQAS Program in all relevant aspects of their business (download Procurement Clause Template)
  • Encourage LSPs to utilize the SQAS Assessment process as a means to continuous improvement in relation to the relevant aspects of Responsible Care®
  • Utilize the SQAS Reports as the primary means of assessing the overall EHS and Quality capability of LSPs
  • Allocate appropriate resources to effectively implement the Gulf SQAS and support, where practical, the shared responsibilities relating to ongoing development of the Gulf SQAS program

The below map clearly shows the 29 GPCA Full Member companies whose CEOs have signed the above mentioned Declaration of Support:


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