To demonstrate their commitment to the Gulf-SQAS program, 29 CEOs of GPCA full member companies have signed the ‘Declaration of Support’. The key aspects of this document are:

  • Adopt the core principles and fundamental features of the Gulf-SQAS program
  • Implement procurement processes that require relevant partnering Logistic Service Providers (LSPs) to comply with the Gulf-SQAS program in all relevant aspects of their business (download procurement clause template)
  • Encourage LSPs to utilize the Gulf-SQAS assessment process as a means to continuous improvement in relation to the relevant aspects of Responsible Care®
  • Utilize the Gulf-SQAS reports as the primary means of assessing the overall EHS and Quality capability of LSPs
  • Allocate appropriate resources to effectively implement the Gulf-SQAS and support, where practical, the shared responsibilities relating to ongoing development of the Gulf-SQAS program

The below map clearly shows the 29 GPCA full member companies whose CEOs have signed the above mentioned Declaration of Support:


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